"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. We must survive, create beauty, and tell the truth, for no eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."

- Yoda, Virginia Woolf, Jim Morrison


Electric Films is a London-based film production company that exclusively produces the work of filmmaker Jude Rawlins

Jude Rawlins is an award-winning English singer, songwriter, filmmaker, author, poet, and music producer. He works primarily in the medium of rock music, mostly with his band Subterraneans, which he formed in 1992 with guitarist Carl Homer. Subterraneans have released ten albums, as well as creating critically acclaimed scores for the movies Pandora's Box and Derek Jarman's Glitterbug. In 2004 they won the Belfast Queen's Festival Award for best original soundtrack for their posthumous score to avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren's film At Land. As an author he has written extensively on the subjects of music, film and artists of all genres. His books include the extended essay Starless and Bible Black, first published in 1994; the collection Cul de Sac: Lyrics, Prose & Poems 1987-2004, and his controversial presentation of the work of William Blake, Divine Images, for which he was nominated for several international literary awards in 2005. In 2010 he published a volume of poetry Charing Cross Road. Prior to that, in 2009, he directed his first feature-length film, Albion Rising, featuring Dudley Sutton and Juliet Landau peforming the poetry of William Blake and Ella Wheeler Wilcox. In March 2011 he was elected as chairman of the William Blake Society, and in August of that year Subterraneans released their ninth album This Too Shall Pass to critical acclaim. He has been a keynote speaker at the Ghosts of Independent Music Festival in Berlin, and the Jean Seberg International Film Festival in Marshalltown, Iowa, USA. 

As a filmmaker Rawlins cites his principle influences as Stanley Kubrick, William Friedkin, Werner Herzog, Andrei Tarkovsky, Ken Russell, Derek Jarman, Otto Preminger, Mike Leigh, Alfred Hitchcock, and Maya Deren, as well as the theatre of Joan Littlewood and Judith Malina, the latter to whom he has dedicated his film Songs of Alchemy. 

Jude Rawlins has a large collection of vintage German and Russian cameras, and has been a keen photographer since the age of nine. He utilises some of his favourite vintage lenses in his filmmaking on a specially adapted Canon DSLR. These include the Schacht Travenar 37-105mm macro zoom lens, and a Hanimex 28mm.

Jude lives in London with a cat called Ziggy. He shares his birthday with Charles Baudelaire, and continues to tour extensively with the Lene Lovich Band. He is currently working on a new Subterraneans album, as well as working on documentary about his friend Angie Bowie. He is also developing his next five film projects, including a psychological thriller co-written with BAFTA prize-winning screenwriter Laura Deeley.