We have to have a lot of meetings in order to do stuff. For example, here Jude Rawlins meets with artist Tracey Moberly, who curated the UK premiere of Albion Rising at the Tate Modern in 2012.


Completed screenplays:

FAUST - A mystical fable of temptation and sexual jealousy written entirely in metaphysical poetry. Faust as you have never seen her before. In production, now casting in London.

LITTLE JOHNNY JEWEL - a heart-warming story about second chances. In production, now casting in Los Angeles and New York.

MANIA - a psychological thriller in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock and William Friedkin.

DREAM TIME - a (very) black comedy, currently casting.


NECROPOLIS - A vampire story to rival Harry Potter and Star Wars in sheer story and scale.