Glass Horses, as their name suggests, are a magical mix of power and fragility. 
Formed in London by guitarist Terry Hale, bassist Andrew “Pat” Paxton and drummer James Walker they were joined in 2016 by Israeli born singer/guitarist Noga Shatz.
Combining post-punk, psychedelic and indie influences, Glass Horses set about creating sonic landscapes centred around Noga’s unique voice and lyrics. The result is that most delicate and special of things, music in which the first response is emotional rather than intellectual; you’ll feel it before you start to think about it. This is something they share with only the greatest bands, such as Joy Division, who possessed a similar fragility at the heart of their powerful musical landscape. The difference is that there is nothing nihilistic about Noga, indeed she weaves light and dark with the skill of a fine artist or painter (perhaps because she is one.) 
Before he turned to guitar Terry’s first instrument was keyboards, and this perhaps explains why he has a melodic instincts that goes beyond many of his contemporaries. Pat is the backbone of the sound, always able to find and nail exactly the right bassline for the song. And James is a skillful and dynamic drummer, whose open and timeless sound exemplifies the feel of the band. Indeed Pat and James could be likened to Paul and Ringo in terms of the rhythmic yet wonderfully musical engine that they create. 
The first time I saw Glass Horses perform their sound just exploded from the stage like it had been waiting to detonate for years. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was only their second ever gig. What I had just witnessed was sheer musical chemistry, an absolute force of nature that cannot be manufactured and is the rarest and most important of things in the world of rock music. Glass Horses are a real band in every sense of the word. More than the sum of their parts, when they play together a magic hand seems to take over and propel them way beyond that for which we have been forced to settle for too long. I love them utterly.

Jude Rawlins, D-Day, 6th June 2018


Glass Horses will be the resident band at the monthly Culture Bunker events at The Others, Stoke Newington, beginning on Tuesday 24th July:

TUESDAY 24 JULY - Lach (anti-folk superstar), Glass Horses, Kirsten Morrison, Depresstival

SUNDAY 19 AUGUST - Kevin Hewick (Factory Records), Glass Horses, 13 Frightened Girls, Simon Hardeman (music correspondent @ The Independent)

SUNDAY 30th SEPTEMBER - Glass Horses + tbc

SUNDAY 28th OCTOBER - Lene Lovich Band + Glass Horses...  Halloween special


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